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Persons with Disabilites Transportation Program

Program Files


Applications and determinations for eligibility for this program are completed by the Fulton County Family Partnership.  Transportation is provided by the Huntingdon-Bedford-Fulton Area Agency on Aging's Shared-Ride (CART) program. Who is eligible for the program? Persons must meet four criteria:

  1. A person must have a documented disability.
  2. Be between 18-59 years of age.
  3. Live in Fulton County.
  4. No other funding source is or has been responsible for trip sponsorship.

Application Form

Program applications and disability documentation forms are available as downloadable PDF files to the right of the screen. An application must be completed with written evidence of a disability and returned to the determining agency (Fulton County Family Partnership).  For a paper copy of an application or more information please contact Fulton County Family Partnership at 717-485-6767 or 888-329-2376.

How much will it cost for the ride?
Zone 1
- Fulton, Huntingdon and Bedford Counties - $2.25 per one way trip
Zone 2
- adjacent counties (Franklin and Washington MD) - $4.50 per one way trip

Where and when can I travel? CART operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The PWD program allows the eligible passenger to travel to any destination (grocery store, shopping center, appointment, etc.) within Zones 1 and 2.  Travel to Zone 2 is on a limited basis.  Check with your local CART office for days and times.  717-485-4899 or 800-999-0748

For additional information please review the program brochure available as a downloadable PDF or contact our office at the numbers listed.