***Construction is ongoing at our Main office at 22438 Great Cove Road, McConnellsburg***

We have re-routed our main entrance to the front of the building and all visitors will now enter the agency using the Dental Clinic door. We have placed signage to help assist everyone in accessing the correct door.

Please be aware that we are NO LONGER using the Child Care entrance as the main entry for the agency.

Thank you, FCFP Staff


Our Team


Name Title Email
Marissa Welsh Finance Coordinator  mwelsh@fcfpinc.org
Rachel Cain Executive Assistant  rcain@fcfpinc.org
Alexa Reed Office Assistant/Receptionist  afelty@fcfpinc.org
Jessica Sunderland Transportation Manager/ Finance Assistant  jsunderland@fcfpinc.org
Sheila Barton Transportation Assistant  sbarton@fcfpinc.org
JoAnn Clippinger Director of Child Care  jclippinger@fcfpinc.org
Christine Boehme Child Care Assistant Manager  cboehme@fcfpinc.org
Patricia Rhodes Dental Clinic Coordinator  prhodes@fcfpinc.org
Tiea Sharer Community Mobilizer  tsharer@fcfpinc.org
Shay Elkins COPE Coordinator  selkins@fcfpinc.org
Autumn Richards Family Support Coordinator  arichards@fcfpinc.org
Beth Bryant HRSA Project Director  bbryant@fcfpinc.org
Amanda Flagle SF Pre-K-Family Engagement Advocate/Site Director  aflagle@fcfpinc.org
Shandi McMullen Family Support Specialist  smcmullen@fcfpinc.org
Hannah Mellott Family Support Specialist  hnmellott@fcfpinc.org
Ashley Zeabart Family Support Specialist  azeabart@fcfpinc.org

Home-Based Parenting Program Staff

Name Title Email
Lori DeShong EHS & PAT Program Manager  ldeshong@fcfpinc.org
Brandy Lewis Health and Education Coordinator  blewis@fcfpinc.org
Jessica Garlock Family and Community Engagement Coordinator  jgarlock@fcfpinc.org
Catherine Arnett Lead Parent Educator  carnett@fcfpinc.org
Renee Fischer Parents As Teachers- Parent Educator  rfischer@fcfpinc.org
Amanda Heil Parents As Teachers- Parent Educator  aheil@fcfpinc.org
Alexandra Lester Parents A Teachers- Parent Educator  alester@fcfpinc.org
Rylie Lorshbaugh Parents As Teachers- Parent Educator  rlorshbaugh@fcfpinc.org
Brooklyn Kendall Parents As Teachers- Parent Educator  bkendall@fcfpinc.org
Amber Lashley Parents As Teachers- Parent Educator  alashley@fcfpinc.org

Management Team

Elen Ott
Executive Program Director

Elen Ott

Julia Dovey
Executive Development Director

Julia Dovey