***Construction is ongoing at our Main office at 22438 Great Cove Road, McConnellsburg***

We have re-routed our main entrance to the front of the building and all visitors will now enter the agency using the Dental Clinic door. We have placed signage to help assist everyone in accessing the correct door.

Please be aware that we are NO LONGER using the Child Care entrance as the main entry for the agency.

Thank you, FCFP Staff



Who are the Partners?

The FCFP Partners are a collaborative group that meets monthly and brings together decision makers from health and human service organizations, local government, businesses, schools, judicial system/law enforcement and local residents.

A Partner is …

Any member or organization in the community interested in promoting the quality of life in Fulton County. By being plugged into the Partnership, you have the opportunity to become part of an integrated network of services in Fulton County. We can identify community needs, reduce the duplication of services, and prevent people from falling through the cracks by combining our resources. Partners who come together to make a difference in Fulton County!

Current Commitees

Partner Committees Charter

For more information on becoming a member, including the downloadable membership application, please visit the "Community Collaborative" page under the "Programs" tab, or click here.