Covid-19 Update, August 1, 2020: The Fulton County Family Partnership is operating with limited staff, offices are open to the public. Fingerprinting is not available at this site at this time.  Transportation, Childcare and Dental clinic are operating onsite. Other programs are operating through partial or virtual means. We are checking voice messages and emails.


Community Outreach Prevention Education (COPE)

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COPE's mission is to promote social change in the community through education and through different forms of outreach provided to families in need.  Our main objective is to support and preserve the family unit as a foundation for the success of healthy children. Referrals are accepted from CYS and other community agencies.

One goal is to provide families in our community with the Nurturing Parenting Education Program which provides them with alternatives to negative behaviors. COPE also works to ensure children's basic needs are met and helps parents establish goals for family improvement. This is often delivered through home-based services.  

COPE also works to educate the community about child abuse prevention. This includes mandated reporter training and other related programming. This training is provided to human service providers and the school districts. If you would like more information on these trainings, please contact Shay Elkins, 717-485-6767, ext. 220.

If you are a parent who is feeling overwhelmed with your children, job, or life and need someone to talk to or you are looking for ideas to help make your life a little less hectic, call COPE. If you are looking for another parent's insight on how to COPE with a situation, attend a Parent Support Group.

Stop abuse before it happens!

In addition to child abuse prevention, COPE is actively involved with other prevention activities including drug and alcohol awareness/prevention. This includes educational programs delivered in the community and through schools, general dissemination of prevention information at community events.

COPE supervised visit room

Pictured is the COPE supervised visit room where COPE's supervised visits, parent support groups, and other child care events are sometimes held.

If you would like more information about COPE call (717)485-6767, ext. 222.