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We have re-routed our main entrance to the front of the building and all visitors will now enter the agency using the Dental Clinic door. We have placed signage to help assist everyone in accessing the correct door.

Please be aware that we are NO LONGER using the Child Care entrance as the main entry for the agency.

Thank you, FCFP Staff


Court-Mandated Parent Class

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Children In Between is a mandated co-parenting program for divorcing and separating parents provided by the Center for Divorce Education and the Fulton County Family Partnership. The program is recognized by the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. The course is proven to reduce re-litigation rates and reduce parental conflict. Research shows that two-thirds of the children from families of divorce suffer problems ranging from low self-esteem to serious depression. Some children never recover from these problems. Children In Between is proven effective in reducing the negative impacts of divorce on children. Parents are less angry towards their ex-spouses and dramatically reduced their child’s exposure to their conflicts. Parents will learn the skills needed to avoid putting children in the middle of their conflicts.

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