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Testimonials of Recovery & Hope

Chad C talks about his experience in overcoming addiction


“Honesty, Open Mindfulness, and Willingness. The foundation of my recovery is God. I didn’t discover this truly until . my latest relapse. I am a 46-year-old male, who has gone through eight rehabs, been in and out of AA; just going through the motions. I was finally diagnosed [with] bipolar [disorder] and I’m receiving the treatment I so desperately have been longing for all these years.”


“Honesty for me was recognizing the trauma I endured as a child, adolescent and adult. Honesty opened my eyes to the total chaos that alcoholism created. My choices, my lies, self-centeredness, [and] manipulation was exhausting. This led me to self-destruct.”

Open Mindfulness:

“Open Mindfulness allowed me to unlock my thinking to a new and better way of life. Complete and total change was necessary for me to progress in my recovery. My past can no longer control who I am becoming. I had to hand everything over to God. I must trust that what is asked of me, is for my benefit. Where before, I thought I needed to be in charge and that proved faulty every time.”


“I had to be willing to change every aspect of my life. Before, I was in charge. Self will run riot. Eight rehabs later, I was finally willing to go to meetings every day, pick up the phone; which use to weigh 500 lbs. God is in control; Church is on Sundays, finding a sponsor, working the steps, and I had to be willing to open my heart to my new supports. I no longer isolate for fear of rejection but I’m willing to put myself in uncomfortable places that are safe, around people who just like me, are trying to get another day sober.”


“With all this being said, how did I get to where I am today? A lot of hard work. I want to be the person I really am and not the person I became. Honesty, Open Mindfulness, Willingness every day.”

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